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Hide IP Speed
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Hide IP Speed
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Although Online Order is most preferrable, we accept several other types of payment: Fax, Phone, Wire Transfer, Mail and Invoices / Purchase orders. Secure Payments are guaranteed. Phone ordering is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. For phone orders and order related questions please use the following contact information:




"I love this product! The speed and efficiency of it is well worth the price!"

-- Nick Brownr

"This tool makes me return to the message board which baned me for no reason. Thank you!"

-- Joel Arnold

"I have been using Hide IP NG for a few months now and find it to be an excellent product. Before I subscribed I tried several others but found yours to be the best mainly because it seemed to be the fastest. But now I am more pleased because more UK ip addresses have been added. Since I live in the UK this is really useful. Good one"

-- Peter Meehan

"I just used Hide IP NG the other day to get into the BBC website for Doctor Who which only allows people from the UK access and with the UK proxy you offer I had no problem getting in.  Thanks for the great work!"

-- Rob Hudson

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